We Continue: Set of A4 Art Prints

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This collection of four A4 printed artworks works conceptually as a series: expressing the belief that the soul's journey continues after physical death. The text in these works is not intended as platitude, but as real assertion that there exists a place from which we come and a place to which we return: that this physical world is an in-between space that functions as a school for the soul’s learning.


The phrase '"she's not gone, you just can't see her" is the exact wording I offered to my young niece upon the death of our beloved (great) grandmother. This higher realm is something I have felt the closeness of at the deathbeds of those I love and at the births of those I love. I continue to feel and talk to and send love to my loved ones who have passed over the veil and I trust that the love we have for each other will someday re-manifest into our meeting again. I trust that the Creator, by whatever word, creates this level of beauty and asks for this level of faith.


With this series of prints, I hope to offer a small piece of that comforting belief to others who are experiencing this separation, questioning the finality of death and having doubt about the existence of things unseen.   


Each print has an A4 live area surrounded by border

Printed on Felix Schoeller true fibre matte 200g

Added glitter detail on each print

Signed in pencil on white border

Sold unframed

These prints are not individually available, they are are intended as a conceptual set.


Payment options are via Paypal or Snapscan.

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