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IPAF Mosaic in Salt River

I am absolutely floored by what this experience has given and shown me; it has been two weeks of profound connectivity. Also, to understand the nuances of something and discover/discuss where people are really at: less time behind computer and more time on street. I was welcomed into the home of the family whose wall I was working on. We collaborated on design and colour; the girls/women in the family all created their own mosaic projects which we embedded into the wall, and Aunty Fatima, whose home this is, gave me some of her exquisite crockery to use, which her late husband had bought for her twenty years ago. Neighbours and relatives and passing strangers were so affirming and came to chat as I was working. Kids from the neighbourhood arrived most days after school to add bits and pieces.

In a short conclusion, I want to spend more time working on streets and more time working in collaboration.


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